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Founder & CEO – Ranil Harshana

After completing my basic education in Exercise Science/Fitness & Nutrition  as well as receiving my Diplomas started  conducting Group Classes and Personal Training, through pure love & passion  continued to further my professional education by obtaining multiple professional certifications from a number of  industry leading organizations & memberships  from ACE,ACSM,NASM,ISSA,IHP, NSCA, IDEA – (USA) &PTS (UK)  which further provided me with the in-depth tools and training methodology to help me better serve my clients and athletes to reach their goals in a truly substantive and comprehensive manner.

Since 1996,  coached clients to reach their goals & challenges in a specific time frame. My clients are diverse, and range from a variety of high school to  professionals to international athletes, coaches  corporate executives, celebrities, diplomats, and professional models. Additionally, as these individuals have a wide range of goals and needs including (but not limited to): post-rehabilitation, those seeking weight/fat reduction, Pro-athletes seeking high performance, youth, teens, and others ranging in ages from 9 years to 60+.

As a High Performance Strength and Conditioning Coach served for multiple high level sports ranging from Olympics/Paralympics 2008, 2012,2016 , Asian games 2018 , Sea Games 2017, many World championships, Asian championships are to name few covering  Combat Sports, Tennis,Cricket , Athletics & Badminton

As Presenter and lecturer, trained Coaches ,Athletes & Instructors in Combat sports, Tactical, Martial Arts, Tennis in High Performance Strength & Conditioning.

Gratitude and honored  to be able to utilize my ongoing overseas professional experiences with worldwide renowned Sports Coaches ,Marital Arts Teachers , S&C, Dietitians, Physical Therapist, S&C Specialist, Doctors, Professors, Athletes from United States  ,United Kingdom & Australia, Europe & Asia..   this added value to my existing  training & coaching paradigm.  Nothing beats field & practical experience from the world’s best.

Over the past 21++ year client base includes and specialize in pro/semi pro/junior  athletes in Combat sports, Military, Tennis, Badminton ,Athletics & Cricket. In the field of health and fitness- multinational company executives & diplomats , Coach education – Trainers & Coaches, VIP clients – Figure models, lingerie models, Ms. World /Mr. World contest and all other segments of the population.

Bio Summary

Below, please find a summary of my Fitness industry training and credentials, as well as my professional experience, and a sample of clients served:

Fitness Credentials & Business Experience

    • Managing Director -www.
    • Creator of (R)  & www.  ( TM ) pending (R)
    •  Professional Experience: Engaging in programs Fitness /S&C  in industry in the United Kingdom (UK) and in the United States (USA), Australia , Europe & Asia  with Fitness,Sports, Martial Arts, Physiotherapist,Nutritionist,Doctors ,Military : Leading   industry professionals (ongoing since 1997) was mentored by the some of the worlds best
    • Over 21 years  professional experience conducting Personal Training, Group Fitness Training, Performance Training, Corporate Fitness Training, Workshops and Seminars for Personal Trainers, Coaches, and Athletes in Strength and Conditioning.
    • Multiple Fitness Industry Certifications: Personal Training, Group Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Performance Enhancement Training, Corrective Exercises, Exercise Therapy, Functional Training and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Conditioning, Performance Nutrition, Reikii (level 2)
    • Professional Fitness Industry Organizational Certifications & Memberships : ACE, ACSM, NASM, ISSA, IHP, PTS, NSCA, IDEA (USA&UK)
    • Former Personal trainer & Group fitness instructor for Hilton & Taj Hotels in Asia
    • Trained Athletes for Olympics/Paralympics 2008,2012 & 2016
    • Trained athletes for Asian & Sea games 2017 & 2018
    • Trained many athletes in Combat sports , Tennis, Badminton, Cricket & Athletics for World, Asian & South East Asian Championships
    • Training extreme athlete for multiple world record attempts
    • Conducted, trained & presented in Strength & Conditioning for Asian & World coaches conferences
    • Former Fitness Director, Co-founder OTONE FITNESS
    • Former Fitness Director, Co-founder VIPFITNESS
    • Author of ” Tennis Fitness” visit  www.  & “Combat Fitness” ( in the making )
    • High Performance S&C Consultant for multiple countries training athletes for SEA & ASIAN GAMES, Olympics &Paralympics


    • Founder and Managing Director: Live Fit Centres Pvt. Ltd. –
    • Inventor: Fitness Equipment (patent pending)
    • Tennis BPM  (Body Performance Matrix) – & Tennis Fitness Certification
    • Founder : Strength Attack (TM) – (Combat Sports)
    • Author:
      (1) Book: Tennis Fitness – TennisBPM (Body Performance Matrix) – Click here to buy book on amazon
    • (2) Articles, publications & blogs:  Press & Articles 
      (3) YouTube Channel
      (4) Twitter

      • Multinational clients from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Japan, Switzerland, Denmark, China, Turkey, Thailand, Holland, Singapore, Malaysia, the Maldives, South Africa, Italy, and Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, in a variety of local and international settings.
      • Players of Fed cup G 1 & 2, Davis Cup G 4- G2  , World Juniors, Wheelchair Tennis, Division 1 players etc..
      • Worked as regional Fitness consultant for IGLOBAL Fitness UK
      • Mentored & trained under many international Fitness / Martial art mentors & instructors
      • Conducted many training programs for ITF (International Tennis Federation) Coach education, Presentations & Workshops
      • Participant and training  athletes for  Beijing 2008 and London 2012. Paralympics/Olympics games and Trained athletes for Rio 2016 ,SEA games 2017, Asian games 2018 & other International sporting events. Click here to read more
      • Extreme athletes competing for record certification in the Guinness book of records. Click here to read more
      • Training Pro Athletes for Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Combat Sports,  Miss World pageant, Mr. International  and other modeling contracts, with celebrity & VIP clients

      Train Hard, Train Smart!
      Ranil Harshana
      Certified:  DFN, CPT,CGFT,CSSC,SET,SPN,PES,CES,MMASC,FTS –( USA), PTS(UK), KAPAP (level 2)

      Creator of TennisBPM® – Tennis Body Performance Matrix

      We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, disability, age, etc.  All are welcome.