Benefits of Tennis BPM


  1. Cost-effective: the ability to practice on Clay and hard Tennis courts and at home 
  2. Fun and effective: participate as a family, with friends, as a couple, or individually.
  3. It uses simple and affordable equipment (tennis balls and cans, basketball, medicine ball, bands, dumbbells, and pieces of chalk)
  4. Compared with the current trends in workouts, Tennis BPM has the extra advantage of improving :
  • Stability and balance
  • Total body coordination
  • Reaction and response
  • Change of direction
  • Acceleration and deceleration

Why I Created This System & Who Will Benefit

  • Proper techniques and tailored exercises are vital to avoiding injuries and improving tennis performance. Fitness, nutrition, rest, and recovery should all be prioritized for optimal results. Coaches and trainers must have the necessary expertise and knowledge to teach effectively.
  • The TENNIS BPM manual and certification guide provide fitness professionals with safe and effective techniques for tennis training. This program equips professionals to work with competitive players and recreational enthusiasts, prioritizing proper form and injury prevention. The techniques learned can be applied across a variety of sports scenarios, making it a valuable investment for any fitness professional.
  • Tennis BPM offers certification levels to equip fitness professionals with the skills to train players safely and effectively, from competitive to recreational levels. It’s a valuable investment for those looking to broaden their expertise and inspire athletes worldwide.

How Would Tennis Coaches Benefit from Tennis BPM ?

  • Certified Tennis BPM instructors would have the theoretical and practical skills to safely and effectively improve the performance of any student, from beginner to professional.
  • Adults who wish to lose weight and get in shape can participate in tennis training. Thus, the coaches’ existing clients would generate additional revenue for them.
  • Provide coaches with a solid basis in fitness, nutrition, and relaxation for their students, who will move on to become professional athletes with a solid base for advancement.

How can Fitness Trainers Benefit from Tennis BPM?

  • With the exclusion of professional strength and conditioning specialists, personal and group fitness trainers might get certified, enter the market of recreational tennis players, and generate additional revenue.
  • Requires minimal equipment, is cost-effective, time-efficient, and produces speedy results, among other benefits.
  • Learn the fundamentals of tennis so that you may play with your customers and coach them for fitness simultaneously.

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