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Ranil Harshana – Page 2 – Tennis BPM

Author: Ranil Harshana

  • “No Pain, No Gain” ?

    “No Pain, No Gain” ?

    Some people think that it is insane to do something without feeling any pain. They think that in order to get the best results, one should go through a lot of pain. However, this is not true. There are many ways to get the best results without going through all that pain. For example, if…

  • Fitness Components

    Fitness Components

    Fitness is a state of mental, physical, and social health. It originates from the body, mind, and social environment. Fitness is not a unilateral endeavor. It derives from the body, mind, and social surroundings. The social environment is crucial because it can support and encourage healthy behavior. whether you are interested in general fitness, rehabilitation,…