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Tennis Fitness Book Launched Worldwide – Not Your Usual Fat Loss Shortcut

Fitness author Ranil Harshana launches his first book – Tennis Fitness, a Body Performance Matrix to a healthy diet and increasing your fitness & performance. It’s a refreshing change from the usual claims of fitness shortcuts.

Fitness expert Ranil Harshana takes his fifteen plus years in the field of fitness training and distills it down into Tennis Fitness, an easy to use yet comprehensive strength and conditioning program.

This book will help you get fit by losing fat, improving mobility and maintain a healthy diet, all without the burden of a costly gym membership or home fitness equipment. Harshana is your personal trainer every step of the way coaching you through this program with detailed instructions and illustrative photos. He has covered all aspects of fitness in this book, including endurance, speed, agility, quickness, strength, power, flexibility, nutrition, and recovery.

“I found that there wasn’t a book or manual out there that would help someone understand the complex fitness components like Cardio Vascular(CV), Strength Power, Stability etc. in a simple easy to understand way.” said Ranil when asked what motivated him to create this system. Ranil also went on to say that the public gets confused with all the contradicting fitness claims that are seen on the Internet and through social media.

“This is a blend of all the knowledge and experience I have gained as a strength and conditioning / performance coach, personal trainer, a group fitness trainer and a rehabilitation trainer” explains Ranil, who is excited to get his new book out to the public.

Tennis Fitness, a body performance matrix is available for purchase on Amazon. Visit website for more details on the book and program.

About Ranil Harshana

Ranil Harshana,BS,DFN, CPT, CGFT, PES, CES, SSC, SET, FTS, MMASC, is the founder and creator of Tennis BPM (Body Performance Matrix) and LiveFitOnline. He has over 20 years of experience in personal training, performance training, and group fitness. Worldwide demand has taken him to studios, workshops, seminars, and five-star hotel chains across the globe to train people of all ages and walks of life.

For more information about Tennis Fitness, please visit or contact Ranil Harshana at +94-777-386-387 or email: