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Founder & CEO – Ranil Harshana

After completing my basic education in Exercise Science/Fitness & Nutrition  as well as receiving my Diplomas started  conducting Group Classes and Personal Training, through pure love & passion  continued to further my professional education by obtaining multiple professional certifications from a number of  industry leading organizations & memberships  from ACE,ACSM,NASM,ISSA,IHP, NSCA, IDEA – (USA) &PTS (UK)  which further provided me with the in-depth tools and training methodology to help me better serve my clients and athletes to reach their goals in a truly substantive and comprehensive manner.

Since 1996,  coached clients to reach their goals & challenges in a specific time frame. My clients are diverse, and range from a variety of high school to  professionals to international athletes, coaches  corporate executives, celebrities, diplomats, and professional models. Additionally, as these individuals have a wide range of goals and needs including (but not limited to): post-rehabilitation, those seeking weight/fat reduction, Pro-athletes seeking high performance, youth, teens, and others ranging in ages from 9 years to 60+.

As a High Performance Strength and Conditioning Coach served for multiple high level sports ranging from Olympics/Paralympics 2008, 2012,2016 , Asian games 2018 , Sea Games 2017, many World championships, Asian championships are to name few covering  Combat Sports, Tennis,Cricket , Athletics & Badminton

As Presenter and lecturer, trained Coaches ,Athletes & Instructors in Combat sports, Tactical, Martial Arts, Tennis in High Performance Strength & Conditioning.

Gratitude and honored  to be able to utilize my ongoing overseas professional experiences with worldwide renowned Sports Coaches ,Marital Arts Teachers , S&C, Dietitians, Physical Therapist, S&C Specialist, Doctors, Professors, Athletes from United States  ,United Kingdom & Australia,Europe & Asia..   this added value to my existing  training & coaching paradigm.  Nothing beats field & practical experience from the world’s best.

Over the past 21++ year client base includes and specialize in pro/semi pro/junior  athletes in Combat sports,Military, Tennis, Badminton ,Athletics & Cricket. In the field of health and fitness- multinational company executives & diplomats , Coach education – Trainers & Coaches, VIP clients – Figure models, lingerie models, Ms. World /Mr. World contest and all other segments of the population.

Bio Summary

Below, please find a summary of my Fitness industry training and credentials, as well as my professional experience, and a sample of clients served:

Fitness Credentials & Business Experience

    • Managing Director -www.
    • Creator of (R)  & www.  ( TM ) pending (R)
    •  Professional Experience: Engaging in programs Fitness /S&C  in industry in the United Kingdom (UK) and in the United States (USA), Australia , Europe & Asia  with Fitness,Sports, Martial Arts, Physiotherapist,Nutritionist,Doctors ,Military : Leading   industry professionals (ongoing since 1997) was mentored by the some of the worlds best
    • Over 21 years  professional experience conducting Personal Training, Group Fitness Training, Performance Training, Corporate Fitness Training, Workshops and Seminars for Personal Trainers, Coaches, and Athletes in Strength and Conditioning.
    • Multiple Fitness Industry Certifications: Personal Training, Group Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Performance Enhancement Training, Corrective Exercises, Exercise Therapy, Functional Training and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Conditioning, Performance Nutrition, Reikii (level 2) healing, KAPAP (level 2)
    • Professional Fitness Industry Organizational Certifications & Memberships : ACE, ACSM, NASM, ISSA, IHP, PTS, NSCA, IDEA (USA&UK)
    • Former Personal trainer & Group fitness instructor for Hilton & Taj Hotels in Asia
    • Trained Athletes for Olympics/Paralympics 2008,2012 & 2016
    • Trained athletes for Asian & Sea games 2017 & 2018
    • Trained many athletes in Combat sports , Tennis, Badminton, Cricket & Athletics for World, Asian & South East Asian Championships
    • Training extreme athlete for multiple world record attempts
    • Conducted, trained & presented in Strength & Conditioning for Asian & World coaches conferences
    • Former Fitness Director, Co-founder OTONE FITNESS
    • Former Fitness Director, Co-founder VIPFITNESS
    • Author of ” Tennis Fitness” visit  www.  & “Combat Fitness” ( in the making )


    • Founder and Managing Director: Live Fit Centres Pvt. Ltd. –
    • Inventor: Fitness Equipment (patent pending)
    • Tennis BPM  (Body Performance Matrix) – & Tennis Fitness Certification
    • Founder : Strength Attack (TM) – (Combat Sports)
    • Author:
      (1) Book: Tennis Fitness – TennisBPM (Body Performance Matrix) – Click here to buy book on amazon
    • (2) Articles, publications & blogs:  Press & Articles 
      (3) YouTube Channel
      (4) Twitter

      • Multinational clients from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Japan, Switzerland, Denmark, China, Turkey, Thailand, Holland, Singapore, Malaysia, the Maldives, South Africa, Italy, and Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, in a variety of local and international settings.
      • Players of Fed cup G 1 & 2, Davis Cup G 4- G2  , World Juniors, Wheelchair Tennis, Division 1 players etc..
      • Worked as regional Fitness consultant for IGLOBAL Fitness UK
      • Mentored & trained under many international Fitness / Martial art mentors & instructors
      • Conducted many training programs for ITF (International Tennis Federation) Coach education, Presentations etc.
      • Participant and training  athletes for  Beijing 2008 and London 2012. Paralympics/Olympics games and Trained athletes for Rio 2016 ,SEA games 2017, Asian games 2018 & other International sporting events. Click here to read more
      • Extreme athletes competing for record certification in the Guinness book of records. Click here to read more
      • Training Pro Athletes for Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Combat Sports,  Miss World pageant, Mr. International  and other modeling contracts, with celebrity & VIP clients

      Train Hard, Train Smart!
      Ranil Harshana
      Certified:  DFN, CPT,CGFT,CSSC,SET,SSN,PES,CES,MMASC,FTS –( USA), PTS(UK), KAPAP (level 2) -ANA, Rekii (Level 2) with over 20+years of experience

      Phone: +94-777-386-387

      Creator of TennisBPM® – Tennis Body Performance Matrix

      We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, disability, age, etc.  All are welcome.