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Benefits of Tennis BPM


  1. Cost effective – you can be fit on clay and hard Tennis courts, parks or even at home.
  2. Fun and effective –  participate as a family, with friends, as a couple or individually.
  3. It uses simple and affordable equipment (tennis balls and cans, basketball, medicine ball, bands, dumbbells, piece of chalk)
  4. Compared with the current trends in workouts Tennis BPM has the extra advantage of:
    • Improving stability and balance
    • Improving total body coordination
    • Improving reaction and response
    • Improving physical movement in sudden change of direction
    • Practicing acceleration and deceleration

If you make Tennis BPM a regular workout to supplement your existing exercise routines, you will see why Tennis players have the best overall fitness and physique.

Why I Created This System & Who Will Benefit

  • Over the years I have seen many students kids, teens and adults getting injured or not performing at their optimal level or quit playing tennis, one of the reasons being average tennis coaches and fitness trainers administering improper techniques (due to lack of theory and practical application of the exercises, using different component of tennis fitness at the improper time, age level, and not paying attention to other areas, such as proper nutrition, rest, and recovery.
  • The TENNIS BPM manual and certification guide, – in conjunction to dedicated Tennis instruction, will give the knowledge and practical application for fitness professionals not only to provide competitive Tennis players with a solid foundation and to pursue a professional Tennis career,  also to work with recreational Tennis enthusiasts to encourage a lifelong interest and practice of safe and informed Tennis fitness that can be applied across other sports scenarios.
  • Through the professional certification levels outlined in TENNIS BPM for LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2, certified Tennis fitness professionals with TENNIS BPM credentials or certified personal trainers and group fitness instructors with coaching credentials will have the capacity to inspire and train worldwide Tennis players with good foundation with regard to all aspects of physical fitness.

How Would Tennis Coaches Benefit from TENNIS BPM(R) ?

  • Certified Tennis BPM coaches would have theory and practical knowledge to handle any student from beginner to a professional in a safe and effective way to enhance their performance
  • Train adults who want to lose weight and shape up plus play tennis. Thus the coaches would have additional revenue from their existing clients.
  • Provide coaches with a good fitness, eating, and relaxation foundation to their students and then transition to becoming professional players who would have solid foundation to progress.

How Would Fitness Trainers Benefit from TENNIS BPM™?

  • With the exclusion of strength & conditioning experts, personal trainers and group fitness trainers could get certified and tap in to the market of recreational tennis players and earn additional income.
  • Can use this system with limited equipment outdoors and is cost effective, time efficient, quick results etc.
  • Learn the basic skills of Tennis enabling you to play tennis with your clients and train them for fitness at the same time.